With the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context, today organizations are quickly adopting enterprise mobility by providing devices to their employees and adapting the BYOD business strategy. With such rapid technical change, there is a requirement of integrating enterprise mobility with its back office systems which adheres with the security policies. We enable smooth adoption of end-to-end mobility solutions with our services include conceptualization, design, development, theme integration, site optimization, semantic coding, cross-platform compatibility, and devices compatibility.

With 300+ mobility professionals, we have brought to life the mobility aspirations of many start-ups and large organizations, impressing them with our scale, precision and speedy implementation of mobile solutions. We provide with expertise in mobile consulting and system integration across various industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Retail, High Tech, Media & Publishing.Our team has extensive UI experience with JQuery, AJAX/Java Scripts, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Dojo, and integrating with various RIA frameworks such as Alloy UI, Vaadin, ZK, and YUI.

Enterprise Mobility Services

We provide best-of-breed mobility services that enable you to deploy aesthetically rich and functionally ideal mobile applications, facilitating a multi-channel communications that is truly state-of-the-art and caters to evolving business needs and customer demands.

Enterprise Mobility Assessment

Access the current state of mobility in the enterprise and devise a mobility strategy that covers vision for enterprise mobility, technology planning, regulatory compliance and security architecture to achieve business objectives.

Mobile Application

Our Mobile Center of Excellence (mCoE) team provide UI/UX design, Mobile Porting, Mobile Testing and Mobile BI/Dashboards services to build apple/android applications.

Desktop Application

We offer complete desktop (windows/Mac) application development to help users/clients/employees stream application data from your datacenter or the cloud through tailor made applications.

Responsive Website

We design and develop responsive web applications using technologies such as JQuery, AJAX/Java Scripts, HTML/XHTML, CSS, and integrate various RIA frameworks such as Alloy UI, Vaadin, ZK, Bootstrap and YUI.

Key Features

Collaboration and Content Management

We manage the application data which can be accessed across mobile devices ensuring consistency and up-to-date information delivery across all mobile devices.

Identity and Access Management

Our consultants can implement identity based access to applications anytime on any medium through any device using one time sign-on, adaptive access control and privacy to protect your online resources from unauthorized access and comply with security regulations.

Security and Risk Management

We help enterprises to make sure how much information can be transferred outside of the office, over the mobile networks and on the mobile devices adhering to industry specific laws and regulations.

Cross Platform Compatibility

We ensure mobile porting by providing cross platform evaluation for technical platforms like Adobe Flex, PhoneGap, HTML5, and Titanium with understanding of many MEAP standards like Sybase Unwired Platform(SUP), Antenna Mobility Platform(AMP), Pyxis Mobile, Syclo and many more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM plays a very important role for any enterprise as it encompasses the IT and process management services. Our team provides device management services to various mobile corporate smartphones, and tablets. Our scope of work includes security management, messaging management, logistics management, procurement management and device support.


  • Improve employee productivity
  • Enhanced customers experience
  • Provide competitive advantage
  • Improved collaborations with real-time data access
  • Provide the right information, at the right time

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