With digital transformation, enterprises today are revolutionizing every single communication with customers and prospects by making it more personal, more timely, and more relevant. No matter what channel your customer approaches you from, you need to know what products and services they are currently using, their predicted future preferences, and as much as possible about the social communities and households they belong to. Accomplishing this requires a strong underpinning in Master Data Management and transactional and channel behaviours, with the additional application of Social Media analysis and Big Data techniques.

CIGNEX Datamatics helps enterprises to architect sophisticated customer intelligence systems that connect every touch point that touches a person from the point they're a stranger through all of their customer details to acquire, retain and grow customers. Our solution uses big data analytics and predictive modelling techniques to target the right customers, identify dissatisfied customers, uncover buying pattern and behaviours and address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.


Customer Segmentation

Build your target audience by accurately segmenting leads by demography, online and offline behaviours, needs, preferences, promotional offers availed or other to yield more conversions and create personalized offers.

Sentiment Analytics

Analyze customer’s online profiles and behaviours to understand how they interact with your brand, what products are they using, why did they buy or not buy before, are they happy with the product(s)/features.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Analyze your customer’s engagement with your brand and across all digital channels to make future communications relevant, personalized and consistent at all touch points.

Call Center Optimization

Analyze customer conversations and offer near-real-time feedback on sentiment and topicality as well as zero in on service defects in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Data Integration (Internal and External)

Combine all data sources (online and offline) in a single and robust data repository through drag/drop visual data integration tools for faster queries using an open and scalable architecture leveraging technologies such as Talend, Hadoop, MongoDB and more.

Data Processing

Build a unique data de-duplication, validation, standardization and enrichment algorithm which can also perform Natural language processing within the platform to create high-quality data ready for access, reporting and analytics using technologies such as Spark, Pentaho, Alteryx, Tableau and more.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Implement intuitive and customizable dashboards with sophisticated data visualization, data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for data scientists using Open Source applications Liferay, Drupal, Jaspersoft, D3.js/C3.js and more.

Application Integration

Embed easily into operational software and applications with distributed reporting capabilities for sharing information across teams.

Cloud Deployment

As an Amazon partner, CIGNEX Datamatics offers broad & deep core cloud infrastructure services to build scalable, high performance 360 degree customer view platform with a broad set of services geared with automatic infrastructure costing algorithms to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Internet of Things

By combining IoT data with advanced analytics, and even cognitive computing, enterprises can get valuable insights to improve customer engagement. For example, data gathered from in-store beacon sensors can help retailers improve the customer experience and make correct product placement to increase purchase.

Key Benefits

For Marketing

  • Improve campaign effectiveness
  • Improved conversion rates and engagement
  • Deliver superior customer experience at the point of service

For Sales

  • Accurate, targeted cross-sell / up-sell
  • Retain your most profitable customers
  • Simplify customer interaction

For Operations

  • Drive innovation based on customer preferences
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational performance