Allowing customers and employees to transact from anywhere with any device has not only offered tremendous convenience but also many more opportunities for fraud. Put on-demand, high-performance risk analytics in the hands of your risk professionals to ensure greater efficiency and transparency. CIGNEX Datamatics can use data sciences to help your enterprise identify and understand potential risks.


  • Regulatory Risk Analytics
  • Social Media Risk Analytics
  • Insurance Claims Fraud Analytics
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Governance & Compliance Intelligence
Featured Success Story

Fraud Detection in Financial Services

CIGNEX Datamatics has developed a flexible fraud detection framework for a loyalty card processor, which included the near-real-time ability to detect suspicious activity based on geography, merchant codes, dollar value, and other factors. The entire infrastructure and platform was developed in the Cloud, for a fraction of the cost of one of the prominent vendor-based AML solutions.

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Key Features

Regulation Compliance across geographies

We have developed natural language processing (NLP) and workflow robotics framework to ingest and track the high volumes of regulatory control information available about each country where these companies do business to accelerate go-to-market strategy for global enterprises.

Near-real-time Risk Aggregation

Our solutions perform events based processing with aggregated Near-Real Time (NRT) dashboard for Anomalies visualization, KYC and OFAC for detect compliance and usual activities.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

A simple reporting dashboard of regulatory risk measures delivers real-time regulatory reports into the hands of all risk stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Faster time to value with a powerful and ready-to-use risk and compliance engine which can be used for business functions across industries
  • Improve staff efficiency for productivity.
  • Agile & easy to configure data models with flexible reporting
  • Cloud based Infrastructure
  • Complete Data Governance