What is Liferay DXP?

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) allows enterprises to create and manage consistent experiences across multiple customer touchpoints. Liferay DXP offers a mix of everything – content, analytics, marketing, integration, faster deployment. 

Features of Liferay DXP
  • Digital Transformation – Easy Integration, Modular Services, Runtime Platform
  • OmniChannel Experiences – Modern Web, Mobile, Digital Hybrid
  • Customer Relationship Insight – Personalization & Segments, Analytics & Metrics, Single View of Customer

What does the Features of Liferay DXP mean for the enterprise? – Read our latest blog

Liferay Expertise at CIGNEX Datamatics

CIGNEX Datamatics is Liferay consulting partner since 2006 - Platinum Partner in the US and Gold Partner in UK, India and Singapore regions. CIGNEX Datamatics is the winner of "Liferay Innovation Award, 2015", “Community Excellence Award, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011” and "Liferay Partner of the Year, 2011 and 2010 ". CIGNEX Datamatics' employees have authored 7 books on Liferay and have over 4000 community contributions in terms of forums and blogs.

CIGNEX Datamatics has 160+ Liferay consultants/experts, implemented 275+ Liferay solutions, 130+ Liferay certified developers and extensive development, migration, upgrade experience. We have integrated Liferay with various proprietary and Open Source applications such as  SAP/ERP, Salesforce/SFDC/CRM, Documentum, Alfresco, Moodle, Canvas,  SiteMinder, OpenSearch, ForgeRock and many more. This makes us an ideal Liferay solution partner for enterprise portals, modern websites, digital engagement platforms, social collaboration, and content management solution.


Liferay DXP

Our Liferay consultants help in easier adoption of Open Source based feature-rich and scalable enterprise solutions. From uploading Workflow Definitions to leveraging Single Page Applications (SPA) for perceived performance we consult and advise on what best suits your business needs.

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Liferay DXP
Upgrade and Migration

Is your platform still running on previous Liferay versions? Overwhelmed by the size and intensity of workload migration can bring? Relax. Our proven approach to migration can ensure that the upgrade process is smooth and seamless.

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Liferay Performance

Our Liferay certified experts can maximize your Liferay Platform performance with 40+ performance checks along with recommendations and fixes.

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Liferay Support and Maintenance

Our Liferay team offers onsite and offsite support to ensure your Liferay applications are up-to-date and running with nearly zero downtime.

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How Organizations use Liferay?
  • Web Publishing & Content Management
  • Intranets (Business to Employee) and Extranets (Collaboration)
  • Social Engagement
  • Role based Portals
  • EAI framework
  • Web based applications

Stateless Application with Liferay DXP’s Microservices based Architecture

A stateless ecosystem is where you can expand your existing enterprise architecture without worrying about the other components involved in the system. You can integrate new components, technologies, modify, scale based on the business demand and the platform would metamorphose to meet your needs.

Liferay DXP rests on a microservices based architecture which is a collection of independent process each fulfilling a business function. Talking to each other through REST services or messaging the components is loosely coupled offering tremendous decentralization and flexibility for your application.

Leveraging Liferay DXP you can build solutions that can offer you unprecedented level of control and speed to deliver innovative web experiences to your customers.

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • Certified Platinum Partner with a strong relationship with Liferay since 2006
  • Implemented over 275 enterprise solutions using Liferay across all major industry verticals
  • 160+ consultants in Liferay – 130+ Liferay certified consultants
  • CIGNEX Datamatics’ expertise in Liferay has been documented in the form of 7 books which have been authored by CIGNEX Datamatics’ Liferay Experts
  • CIGNEX Datamatics is a certified training partner for Liferay
  • CIGNEX has been actively contributing to various Liferay forums with over 4000 posts in Liferay community, blogs, and wikis.
  • 35+ reusable components developed on Open Source technologies
Awards and Recognitions
  • "Liferay Innovation Award",2015
  • "Liferay Community Excellence Award", 2016, 2015 ,2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 at Liferay Symposium
  • CIGNEX Datamatics customer IHG won "Liferay Pulse Award – Social Project & Collaboration, 2015"
  • “Liferay Partner of the Year”, 2010 and 2011 at Liferay West Coast Symposium

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