Typical Challenges during upgrade

Upgrading your enterprise application involves moving all the content (database, content store, workflows, and indexes) to the new version of it, and if there is any feature customization involved in the system, it needs to be upgraded for making it compatible with new system. Often the objective of transferring huge amount of data, and workflows into a new version can seem overwhelming.
Here are the major challenges related to upgrade process:

  • Choosing an upgrade path – Upgrade to stable version and then upgrade to Latest Version
  • Enterprise Integration with other business applications
  • Total Cost of Ownership – ROI – Long vs. Short Term
  • Solution Expertise – Functional and Technical Skills

Why Upgrade to Alfresco 5?

As Alfresco has introduced Alfresco 5 with new capabilities including end user enhancements, making it easier to develop and extend the platform through improved performance, scalability and ease of administration. Below are the features that are new addition to the core platform:

  • Smarter Content organization – Smart folders with quick content categorization
  • Simpler Collaboration – Rich social features
  • Greater Openness and Scalability – Easy to integrate and extend
  • Improved Security - Standardized SSO and password encryption
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities with Solr 4
  • Alfresco Analytics

According to Alfresco Product Support Lifecycle, all versions before Alfresco Version 3.x (excluding 3.4.14) will be in the end of maintenance phase. This is high time to upgrade your existing Alfresco application to latest version of Alfresco 5 to enhance its capabilities and get full support.

CIGNEX Datamatics approach to Alfresco Upgrade

Upgrading Alfresco is a multistep process:

  • Pre Upgrade Phase – Creating Backup, Preparing a checklist of the new system requirements and the validation process
  • Upgrade Phase – Setting up and validating of new environment, Data upgrade process, Solr Upgrade, Functional and integration testing
  • Post Upgrade Phase –Complete UAT Test and familiarize after upgrading and configuring Alfresco

About CIGNEX Datamatics Alfresco Upgrade Assessment Plan

Sign-up and get yourself assigned with a Personal Upgrade Coach who would help you draft your own upgrade path. The Personal Upgrade Coach is Alfresco Expert with an excellent track record of working on various versions of Alfresco.