In modern eon of innovations, IT (Information Technology) has become an integral part of any enterprise by acting as a key driver across many departments, managing various business functions and process, by accurately maintaining financial accountability. Technology fosters the decision makers and eliminates weakness, which pushes the enterprise by defining new processes, policies, protocols and achieves business goals. 

Oracle plays an effective RDBMS for transactional applications across many industries like banking, insurance, retail, and logistics.  Although its strong RDBMS capabilities there is a need to integrate with different systems and business processes on a stable application development platform with proven enterprise content management solution.

Consider an example of a warehouse leasing company-offering ample space to store goods at competitive prices. The problem faced is lack of proper records management; misalign transaction management leading towards complex business model. The decision maker would like to ease the business model with better technology integration for faster delivery and better customer satisfaction.

We have researched and tried out many application development platforms and enterprise content management solutions integrated with RDBMS in both proprietary and open source domains, and JBoss EAP with Alfresco proved to be a perfect match.

JBoss is an open-source application development platform featuring a new cloud ready architecture, new management capabilities and enhanced usability, aiming at helping enterprises and their developers decrease time-to-market for application delivery and reduce operational costs.

Alfresco is the preferred content management system for enterprises opting for an open source solution. It offers the innovative approach of an open source platform without compromising stability. Alfresco is how great businesses share, organize and protect their content. Alfresco's community includes thousands of customers, partners and developers in 55 countries across the globe.