Titanium Mobile

A Free and Open Source application development platform for creating native mobile application experiences using JavaScript, Titanium API, HTML & CSS

Why Drupal ?

  • Most Reliable CMS in the world
  • Manages all your data and content
  • Supports meta data, users, search needs and geo-data in a very reliable way

Programming Requirements

  • JavaScript
  • Titanium API
  • Web Views

Why Use Drupal to Manage Your Mobile Application ?
Services API - Enables Drupal to act as a web service to accept and send data in a secure way

Services API Consists of 3 Parts :

  • Services - Services are methods intended for consumption by remote applications (user.get, user.save, node.get, node.save, views.get etc.)
  • Servers - Servers are ways in which a Service could be called from remote site (xmlrpc, json, jsonrpc, rest etc.)
  • Authentication Layer - (keys, OAuth)

Get Started

  • Install iphone SDK(Mac OS only) or Android SDK
  • Sun Java Development Kit 6
  • Install Titanium Developer
  • Create account on Titanium Developer
  • Download and install Services and json server modules from drupal.org
  • Python 2.5/2.6
  • Scons 1.2.0.x
  • Git 1.6.5.x

To build application on various platforms please visit below link for more help