ZK is an Open Source Ajax + Mobile frame work available,designed to maximize an enterprise’s operational efficiency and minimize development time and cost. Ajax suppott makes this framework very powerful. It provides really cool GUI components along with so much other features so that it may fit in any kind of web application.

In order make application with Rich GUI we can use this technology in presentation layer with any other technology in backend (like Alfresco) to manage content.

Following points demonstrates the Real power of ZK.

  • Open Source: Its developer community is extremely active with over 20 translations, 100 articles/blogs, 100,000 lines of codes, 1,200,000 downloads from 190+ countries.
  • Standards-based: It is a standard-compliant solution. With XUL and HTML compliant components,It also complies with JSP, JSF, Portlet and Java EE technologies.
  • Markup and scripting Languages: . XUL/XHTML.Java, Groovy and various other scripting languages support.
  • Extensibility and Customizability: It is fully customizable and extensible with a modular plug-and-play architecture.
  • Security: Protects enterprise applications from cross-site scripting, malicious JavaScript/SQL injection.
  • Ease of Integration: It can be integrated easily to any other technology like Alfresco. This makes the application extensible.
  • Rich user experience: Leverage off-the-shelf Ajax components and versatile RIA features to create a responsive and engaging user experience maximizing user satisfaction and work efficiency. Over 200 off-the-shelf  Ajax components. Third party widgets support: JFreeChart, JasperReports, Google Maps, FCKeditor, ExtJS, Dojo etc.
  • Direct RIA: It boosts developers' productivity by allowing direct implementation and manipulation of user interfaces, databases and enterprise resources.
For further information, refer official ZK site at www.zkoss.org/.  
Here are some of the realworld applications of ZK, www.zkoss.org/demo/external.dsp
Mittal Patoliya
Consultant at CIGNEX, India Office