Business Needs

Burnham Nationwide, leaders in permits for construction services, needed a site that not only housed their content, but used that content to drive people down a path to conversion to generate leads. They wanted a site that addressed existing customers in a different way from new visitors or prospects and more accurately conveyed what it was like to work with Burnham.

The Burnham site needed to:

  • Use content to generate leads
  • Address existing customer needs
  • Convey what it's like to work with Burnham

Key Features


Burnham needed a more targeted experience for the user to help increase conversions.

  • HubSpot Smart Content - Duo created a highly personalized site using Smart Content in HubSpot to deliver a tailored message to different segments of visitors.
  • A Path to Conversion - The site uses content throughout the buying process to move people down a path to conversion. All blogs now include calls-to-action encouraging the next steps users should logically take. 


The process of getting permits is difficult so Duo created a design that reflects the easy, clean, simple feeling of what it’s like working with Burnham.

  • Modern and Clean - The new site’s contemporary design is modern and clean, which conveys simplicity and ease of use.
  • Visitors as Individuals - The Smart Content creates a personalized experience which helps visitors feel like Burnham is getting to know them and cares about them as an individual. This feeling is often last in the permit approval process so Burnham works to maintain this level of connection and high-quality service.


In addition to creating a digital marketing platform, much more than a website, we trained the marketing team at Burnham to use HubSpot to drive and optimize marketing campaigns to generate leads. They transformed into a team of inbound marketers using content to attract leads to their site. By blogging twice per week, with calls-to-action in every post, Burnham is pulling leads further into the buying cycle and building a successful inbound marketing machine.

Now Burnham's site:

  • Is a platform for inbound marketing
  • Addresses individuals with content for them
  • Conveys Burnham's philosophy of "Simply Getting it Done"