Business Needs

With the release of Drupal 8 and the announcement that Drupal 6 support was ending soon, BVP needed to migrate their Drupal 6 site to a newer version of the platform. Throughout our discovery process, the need arose for a better way to showcase the companies they have invested in and to present their content in an innovative way.

Key Features


The client’s original plan was to keep their design intact and only migrate the site to Drupal 7. But was that really the best solution?

  • Maintaining the Brand - Duo created new site designs that maintained BVP’s brand standards but added in modern elements to take the site to the next level. The designs also introduced a new color palette that expanded their brand colors in an easily customizable way. We also introduced a responsive design to make their site accessible on all devices.
  • Evaluating Content - Before beginning the process to implement the new designs and migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, the first step was to evaluate their site content. BVP audited their content to determine what did and did not fit with their brand and the direction of their site. They determined what should stay, what needed to be revised, and what could go.


A large component of the move to Drupal 7 was the use of CTools plugins which allowed Duo to create our own fieldable panel panes. We also used Drupal Content Types to help organize and filter BVP’s extensive portfolio of companies.

  • Customizable Building Blocks - The CTools plugins helped us make the entire BVP site modular. By creating our own fieldable panel panes, we gave BVP site admins the building blocks needed to make it easy to add and update different sections of the site. Furthermore, information is stored in fields so it can be easily added as needed. This made building some of the more complex pages of the website faster and easier.
  • Managing the Portfolio - Displaying the BVP portfolio in a user friendly way was one of the largest challenges in this project. We created a new way of showcasing the companies with the ability to filter by type and strategy.


After the launch of the BVP site Duo developed an additional piece we called the ContentHub, an entirely custom built thought leadership area that centers on BVP’s different strategies and areas of focus.

The ContentHub presents BVP’s content in an innovative way, through visual and dynamic sections of the website designed to drive engagement. We took static content components that were directly embedded in the page and turned them into content types. This allows content to be pulled through to the different content hubs on the homepage and individual strategy pages.

Everything in the fully responsive ContentHub is tagged and related to a BVP strategy; each page has its own version of the ContentHub that displays content, like a link, blog, resource, video, or downloadable piece, related to that strategy. The ContentHub also pulls in information from third party news sites to create a consistently updated resource for thought leadership around BVP’s areas of focus.