Experience: 3 - 5 Years

About the Position:

Do you see yourself as sharp, intelligent and one with the ability to learn high-end & new technologies? Are you stuck in a job that does not satiate your thirst to learn and master these technologies? Come, become a part of the CIGNEX family and give your career a new dimension.

You will be given 3 months of hands-on training by best & renowned technologists in the industry. But what would happen after these 3 months?  Post training, you will be allocated to our client projects in India / Overseas where you will strut your way into the implementation team with your extra-ordinary skills.

The technologies that you will be trained on, are - Java, JEE, Web Services, Spring, OSGi, Liferay, Mule, Big Data

I know you just said this to yourself - “Java? But I know java”.  Think again!

  1. Did you know Void is actually a class in Java
  2. Did you know that Integer age = 25 will translate to int age = Integer.valueOf(25) at byte code level
  3. Did you know that you can do multiplexing with java (one single thread handling multiple incoming requests without blocking)
  4. Did you know that javap -c <<Classname>> will print op-code on the terminal
  5. Did you know that the first 8 bytes of a .class file is 0xCAFEBABE
  6. Did you know that when a thread is resurrected from wait-set, it first goes to the entry-set and competes with other blocked threads in order to acquire the lock

Not that you are not capable of knowing or understanding these things but the fact that you never got a chance to take a deep dive into java platform itself,  is the reason for not knowing these basics of java. Yes all the aforementioned “did you know” are basics.

The bottom line is that we will take your java skills to next level. The trend with our clients is one of "full-stack developers” and hence, we may also train you on JS Frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS etc.

Needless to say that - interview process will be enriching experience (A pre screening, a skype interview, followed by group discussion and H.R process).

So rub your hands and send us your most polished resume. And your path to rediscovering Java will begin.