At CIGNEX Datamatics, we help enterprises to build Big Data and IoT applications using Apache Spark for large scale data processing and analysis. Our experienced Spark experts can roll-out wide range of big data use cases such as customer 360 degree view, social listening, risk and fraud detection, Internet of Things, predictive analytics and more.

Why Apache Spark?

Apache Spark™ is a lightning-fast cluster computing engine for large-scale data processing optimized for speed, ease of use and generality. With an advanced in-memory computing, it makes analytic applications up to 100 times faster compared to other technologies.

Apache Spark is 100% open source with over 1000 contributors from 250+ organizations. It runs on Hadoop, Mesos, standalone, or in the cloud. It can access diverse data sources including HDFS, Cassandra, HBase, and S3.



Our experienced spark consultants help enterprises to build real-world Big Data applications that integrate and analyze diverse and high volume data sources 100x faster than Hadoop.

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Our Apache Kafka and Spark experts can solve enterprise's data streaming and processing challenges – by configuring Spark Streaming to process diverse data sources including HDFS, Cassandra, HBase, and S3.

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Our Big Data consultants can configure and integrate Spark to support your Big Data use case.

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Spark Use Cases
  • Single Data View
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction with Logistic Regression
  • Log Aggregation

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • 10+ Big Data Implementations / Deployments
  • 110+ Big Data Analytics team