Automation Anywhere is an end to end cognitive automation platform that enables enterprises to reimagine processes including complex workflows that require human judgement

Why Automation Anywhere?

  • Reduced Costs – Allows enterprise to immediately automate certain process and move their way upward by complexity
  • Improved Service Delivery – Ability to standardize enterprise process across business functions
  • Control + Agility – Enables enterprise to create an environment of autonomy and accountability using iterative development cycles. Also allows teams to have


Automation Anywhere Consulting

From Technology Selection, Process Mapping to Production Planning our consultants can help you plan and optimize your automation journey

Automation Anywhere Professional Services

Looking for an Automation Anywhere consultant to work on your project? Reach out to us and we can facilitate an expert from our broad RPA team that would seamlessly fit into your automation project.

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • 15+ RPA Consultants and in-house AI/ML practice for Intelligent Automation
  • Proven track record of delivering successful deployments across various stages of automation
  • Cross functional expertise with evolved Big Data Practice allowing us to serve high volume unstructured content
  • Deep understanding of Business Process SMEs