Our testing service covers all aspects of verification and validation - functional, security, performance, automation, mobile, accessibility and compatibility testing – using only Open Source tools. Our processes, templates and guidelines are CMM, ISO and IEEE standards compliant.


Our testing services include:

Application Health Check-up

Code Analysis
Code Coverage

Automation Factory

Test Automation
Feasibility study for tools selection
Framework Development
Script Migration

Business as Usual Testing

Test Consultancy
Business Process & transaction
Unit Testing
User Acceptance
Product Testing
Product Support
Migration Testing

Specialized Testing

Web services
Mobile Applications
I18N & L10N




Requirement traceability


Unit and system level including functional and non-functional


Test case design/script/automation framework


Test executions, results, defect summary report


Status reports and DRE metrics

Case Studies

Client Overview: Largest Bank in South East Asia
Application: Alfresco based Procurement & Contract Management System
QA Methodology:
  • Waterfall – with development in iterative mode
  • Test Coverage
    • Functional: 500+ functional test cases
    • Negative Testing of Workflows
    • Internationalization and Localization Testing

Key Success Factor:
Thorough testing for supporting multiple locales and currencies

Client Overview: US Based Risk Management, Insurance and HR Solutions Provider
Application: Liferay based Collaboration and Risk Management Portal
QA Methodology:
  • Agile Development
  • Test Coverage
    • Automated test scripts – 1000+
    • Automation Tool Used: Selenium WebDriver, FitNesse
    • Multiple Browser coverage

Key Success Factor:
Achieved more than 98% Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE)

Client Overview: Saudi Arabia Based Leading Electronics and Defense Sector Company
Application: Liferay based National Labor Gateway Portal
QA Methodology:

  • Tool Based Investigation and Manual Testing Techniques
  • Test Coverage
    • OWASP Top 10 Risks & Web Security Vulnerabilities
  • Deliverable - Security Test Report containing 25+ Security Vulnerabilities, Description, Classification and Recommendations

Key Success Factor:
Extensive vulnerability  coverage using Open Source security tools such as Nessus, WebSecurify, OWASP ZAP, W3af, XSS Checker, SSL Checker, etc.

Client Overview: US Based Global Pharmaceutical Company
Application: Mobile App which helps heart patients to track their medication, triggers, episodes and daily activities
QA Methodology:

  • Testing of Native Mobile App developed by 3rd party vendor
  • Approach: Actual Devices + Cloud-based Infra
  • Test Coverage
    • 10+ Mobile Devices- Android and iOS with multiple versions
    • Designed 300+ functional test cases and 130+ Important Defects Reported- in less than 5 weeks time

Key Success Factor:
Holistic mobile app/network/device specific tests such as Functional Testing, UI Responsiveness Testing, Interrupt Checks, Installation/Uninstallation/Re-installation Checks, Keypad Buttons Checks, Regular Device Function Check, Inter-app-communication/Integration Checks, Device Mode Checks, Network Checks, Battery Checks, etc.


  • 100% Defect Removal Efficiency /0 UAT Defects
  • Compliant processes
  • Cost effective testing using Open Source Tools
  • Increase ROI up to 60% for regression testing through test automation
  • Complete test coverage – Functional + Non-functional