Portal is an integrated presentation platform – It connects information, people and processes within and outside enterprise and presents it to stakeholders – employees, customers, partners, suppliers, community etc. Portals provide a secure unified access window and are designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets.

Liferay, a leader in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, is designed to build modern website and an engagement platform. CIGNEX Datamatics is a partner of Liferay since 2006 and have delivered over 200 portal solutions across various verticals, authored 7 books on Liferay and have contributed over 5000 posts to community forums.


  • Intranet
  • Extranet/Websites - Product, Brand Management, Corporate site etc.
  • Collaboration (Employee, Customer, Supplier)
  • Idea Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Custom Portal (Insurance, HR, Financial)
  • Self-Service portals
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Franchise Management Platform (FMP)

360° view of the franchiser-franchisee world

A highly customizable, Open Source-based technology platform delivered on a hosted, managed, configured and fully supported solution stack for managing relationships, content, operations & performance among franchise owners (franchisers), franchisees and customers.

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Key Features

Liferay Portal offers broad product capabilities  - Content & Document Management with Microsoft Office® integration, Web Publishing and Shared Workspaces, Enterprise Collaboration, Social Networking and Mashups, Enterprise Portals and Identity Management.

Delivering Content as per needs and preferences of each visitor

  • Content Targeting: Set up rules to present the right message to your visitors based on social profile, region, and browsing history
  • Identity Management: Liferay's portal foundation means being able to easily manage your user's credentials, profile, and rights.
  • Multi-site platform: Liferay is perfect for building both public websites and customer portals for a seamless experience
  • Integrated Social Collaboration: Blogs, wikis, forums and activity streams work best when they are designed to work together.
  • Documents, Workflow & Permissions: Define workflows around documents and business processes and use permissions to control access
  • Enterprise System Integration: Liferay-based communities aren't just for fun: they can drive business goals by integrating with CRM, ERP and other key systems
  • Supports multiple methods to integrate, including SOAP, REST, RSS, as well as proprietary API's
  • Document Management & Integration: Liferay's full-featured document management can also integrate with Sharepoint, Filenet and Documentum
  • Document Sync on Desktop & Mobile: Access your documents easily from your desktop or mobile device using Liferay Sync
  • Workflow Designer: Define publishing and approval processes using Liferay's built-in Kaleo Workflow Designer
  • Responsive Design - Liferay is designed so that your web content looks right on screens of any size
  • Mobile Device Rules and Previews - Treat different devices differently with Mobile Device Rules, and preview content right from the editor.
  • Native Mobile Apps SDK - Build custom mobile apps that can access data, documents, content, and business functions
  • Liferay Sync Mobile - Access documents from mobile devices with Liferay's document sync app for iOS and Android

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