Blockchain Essential Training primarily focuses on the basic information about the Blockchain and performing operations on Blockchain Applications using Ethereum and Hyperledger Framework in the complete Application

Duration: 5 Days

Course Content:
  1. Introduction to Blockchain
  2. Understanding the Features for Blockchain
  3. Overview of basic Difference between Public and Private Blockchain
  4. Dealing with some security constraints for Blockchain
  5. Understanding various Use Cases on Blockchain
  6. Introduction to BitCoin
  7. Working with Bitcoin in details
  8. Basic Introduction to Ethereum Framework
  9. Understanding the list of Blockchain Frameworks
  10. Difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin
  11. Understanding the concept of Smart Contracts in detail
  12. Performing the installation of Ethereum Framework
  13. Dealing with various Ethereum Accounts
  14. Overview of concepts related to Ethereum Virtual Machines
  15. Smart Contracts Deployment Strategies
  16. Introduction to DApp
  17. Working with Ethereum Smart Contracts
  18. Installation of Solidity Programming Language
  19. Performing configuration based on Ethereum and Solidity
  20. Introduction to Hyperledger Framework
  21. Understanding the Architecture for Hyperledger Framework
  22. Understanding the basic difference between Ethereum and Hyperledger
  23. Concept of Hyperledger Compose
  24. Using Docker in Hyperledger Framework
  25. Working with Chaining concept in Hyperledger
  26. Using Hyperledger Composer in detail
  27. Blockchain Application creation using Ethereum and Java
  28. Blockchain Application creation using Hyperledger and Java