Building Highly Scalable & Reactive Applications Using the Actor Model

There was a time when scalability just meant clustering your database.

Then came the era of component transaction servers like Jaguar CTS & Microsoft transaction servers

What followed was an era of J2EE application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss which could be clustered (scalability across X-axis).

Then came in the concept of replicating micro-services on light-weight containers like Docker and thereby scaling on Y-axis

Date:July 2017

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Aging Mainframe
Aging Mainframe to Java and ODC

There is hardly a large enterprise that has been operating for more than 25 years that does not have a backend solution implemented on mainframe(s). However, with changing times mainframes are now being seen as monoliths that are not very cost effective in terms of maintenance.

This white paper illustrates the architectural options available while looking at alternatives to mainframe based solutions. In this white paper, the focus is on providing you a battle tested architectural solution that would stand as a platform for your enterprise application(s)

Date:May 2017

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A Brief on Open Source Adoption by Enterprise

Open Source Software (OSS) has moved beyond the allure of cost savings to benefits such as application agility, rapid deployment, high quality, highly scalable software and high performance security. This brief white paper provides an overview of Open Source Software, biggest drivers for commercial OSS adoption, predicated trends, OSS for systems of engagement and insights and benefits realized with OSS adoption.

Date:September 2015

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Leveraging Open Source to Transform Enterprises into Digital Leaders

This whitepaper provides a brief overview of how enterprises need to adopt a digital transformation strategy based on a thorough understanding of the digital lifecycle and how Open Source technologies can help accelerate digital transformation and propel innovation.


Date:September 2015

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